We respond to customer requirements ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

ESEA is a SOLUTIONS  company.

ESEA provides systems engineering support to customers in the public and private sector within the avionics and defense electronics market. 

ESEA has been creating and supplying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software for nearly twenty years.  Our software is in use today supporting decision makers at locations around the world. 

ESEA conducts Small Business Innovative Research.  We support classic IRAD programs for industry, and we cooperate with Academia on research projects. We employ college interns.  We believe in the treasure resident in Our Nation's Youth.  We create jobs. 

ESEA provides best value to our customers because we work quickly and efficiently - with our customers, when appropriate - at our customer's locations. Members of our engineering team are deployed at locations around the world.  This puts our team within comfortable commuting range of our customers' facilities. 

ESEA's engineering team is composed of experienced systems engineers with advanced degrees in critical areas, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and electrical engineering.  We proudly field an expert software development team capable of software system design and development, including coding, testing, GUI development and modification.

Everyone at ESEA is linked on a "24-7" basis to our headquarters and central office in Los Altos, California with advanced communications systems  - and, of course, to each other, wherever we are in the world. The breadth and comprehensiveness of the public and private sector experience in defense and commercial complex system development work present in our ESEA team is talent we dedicate fully to creating solutions for you.

ESEA is a SOLUTIONS company. 

We respond to customer requirements ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

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